Simple Hobby Turned Career…Do What You Love!

Hello and welcome to Kinky Goods By Mandee!

I’m Miss Mandee and I own a little shop of deviant curiosities on Etsy.  Feel free to check it out sometime:

My major goal in starting up my shop was to provide quality, hand made bondage gear at a fraction of the cost that the major retailers charge.  I believe that every kinkster deserves quality bondage goods, regardless of their income bracket.

The exact moment when I knew I wanted to pursue this line of work is a blur now.  However, I do believe the exact words I said to my husband, while looking at a rather expensive flogger were, “I’m pretty sure I can make this for cheaper and it would look just as good!” Thus began my whirlwind adventure of creating amazing yet affordable scene enhancements.

Many of my leather products in the shop are made from cow hides, which allows me to sell them for less.  Don’t be fooled by my cheapness! I choose hides that are  high quality but  don’t cost a fortune.  I believe that kink products should not cost an arm and a leg…we need those appendages for bondage!

Other materials I use in flogger making include: deer, pig, and lamb skins. I purchase the majority of my hides from, The Leather Guy MN and Tandy Leather.  The Leather Guy provides quality materials at a great cost so that I can extend those savings to you, my customers. #KinkOnABudget

Not only do I provide quality leather for my products I am very flexible with my products.  I also believe that there should be more options for vegan customers when it comes to kinky goods.  All of my current products can be custom ordered as vegan friendly.

I have quite a stash currently, of beautifully, soft vinyl.  Just as I order quality leather, I only purchase quality vinyl.  The vinyl products you will receive are quite comparable to actual leather.

From my beginnings in flogger making I have now moved up to creating beautiful silk and brocade restraints that all of my buyers love and adore.

I have branched from selling by word of mouth locally to Canada as well as the United Kingdom.  I hope to branch out even further.

This all started out as a hobby project but it has become much more than that now. Thank you to all of my customers, first timers and repeats, who have made my vision start to really feel alive!

Miss Mandee

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