The Unavoidable First Post…

So this whole blogging thing is something new to me…

As with most new undertakings it is more than likely going to be my worst attempt at blogging.  I should get better with time…hopefully.

What I’d like to start discussing on a regular basis:

I’d like to touch on many topics across the spectrum of Kink.  Be it: community dungeons, munches, being new to the community, being a veteran of the community, kink 101 ideology, shopping for quality products, events, and even workshops & seminars.

I’d like this blog to not only be about my shop but to be an educational tool for those just getting out and exploring what it means to be kinky.  When I started out in the lifestyle, back in 2010, there was a lot of information to be found; if you found the right people to talk to and felt like digging.

I would like to share the knowledge I have come across as well as knowledge not yet found.