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About KGBM

Simple Hobby Turned Career  —  Do what you love!

I first got started by creating floggers and had them tested by a friend in the community. My husband had complained that many were too expensive and that I should learn how to make my own. I quickly found that they were quite simple and have been evolving my process ever since to make the best product that I can.

Soon after learning how to make floggers I started working on making collars and paddles. I stumbled upon great resource patterns and tweaked them to make them my own. I started an Etsy shop after many in my local BDSM community suggested that my work was good enough to sell. After a year or so of creating I agreed with them and opened KinkyGoodsByMandee.Etsy.com. I started selling by word of mouth and still do, but I am currently working on increasing my traffic flow to my online entrepreneurship. My current specialties are restraint sets made from brocade printed silk and collars.

I also have quite growing, erotic art collection. It has grown enough that I feel confident in selling my artwork.

Other projects that are being worked on and perfected currently are but not limited to:

* Hoods
* Arm Binders
* Wrist & Ankle Cuffs
* Ball Gags
* Spreader Bars
* CBT Devices
– Cock Sheath
– Ball Crusher


January starts the new year!

From December 31st through January 10th I will be offering 50% off all orders $25 or more. This offer is not valid with other coupons.  Use Coupon Code: NEWYEARS

Valentine’s Day Blow Out!

Throughout the month of February I will be offering $25 off all orders that are $50 or more. This offer is not valid with other coupons.  Use Coupon Code: VALENTINES

FREE Ship Fridays:

Please also enjoy FREE shipping on FRIDAYS! Every Friday I offer FREE shipping on all orders. This offer is not valid with other coupons.  Use Coupon Code: FREESHIP

Thanks again!



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