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Are you looking for a simple leather collar? I have them.  Are you looking for a fancy, silky, brocade collar? I’ve got those too.

The majority of my leather collars are made from lamb skins, however I do have some that are made from cow hide.  They are all soft and buttery to the touch.  Like my brocade collars discussed below, the plain leather collars are also made with high quality hardware.

My brocade and silk collars are silky smooth. They are great for anyone that has played with silk scarves but now would like to move on to something a little bit more confining. These collars are padded to give them a pillow soft feel. But don’t be fooled, they have beautiful, matching leather strapping and heavy duty hardware attached. They are wonderful for delicate and sensual scenes but are heavy duty enough to keep you in position through all of the struggles.

Like most everything else that I sell collars can be custom ordered.  I enjoy creating one of a kind pieces that will be cherished.

A range of colors are available to me, as well as locking buckles versus the standard style of buckles.  What other way is there to say, “You’re Mine.”?

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have about these products.