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Are you looking for a flogger with that great leather smell? That amazing leather feel? That gives you that feeling of just melting when you touch it? You’ve found your flogger here.

I have been creating floggers for just over four years now.  There is still much for me learn but I have the basics down to a science.

My standard floggers have a simplistic yet elegant wrap design for their handles.  I have also started creating floggers whose handles are stained and polyurethaned for a more natural look.

I have a limited supply of floggers in the shop at the moment however custom colors and designs can always be ordered.

Many of the floggers in the shop are made from cow hides, which allows me to sell them for less.  Don’t be fooled by my cheapness! I choose hides that are high quality but don’t cost a fortune.  I believe that kink products should not cost an arm and a leg…we need those appendages for bondage!

Other materials I use in flogger making include: deer, pig, and lamb skins. I purchase the majority of my hides from, The Leather Guy MN and Tandy Leather.  The Leather Guy provides quality materials at a great cost so that I can extend those savings to you, my customers. #KinkOnABudget




All floggers are tested for quality. All new prototypes are quality tested by a real sadist.