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Gear for Littles

Littles are you looking for a new stuffed animal?  Mommy’s and Daddy’s do you have a grumpy little?  Cheer them up with Betty!  She is sure to bring a smile to every little’s face!

Betty comes with an eight piece, mini, bondage kit; including: 4 paw cuffs, 1 collar, 1 blindfold, 1 ball gag and 1 flogger.

Betty’s bondage kit is made with 100% lamb skin leather. And like my people sized cuffs and collars, Betty’s also have actual metal hardware, not plastic.  All pieces are removable; cuffs attach with snaps, blindfold and ball gag both tie and the collar has an actual buckle to it.  Betty’s flogger has 30 falls that are all 1/8″ wide.

Betty measures 13″ long. Since she is small her restraints are small, not people sized.

**Please feel free to inquire about custom orders**
Some ideas below:

If you have a different color in mind, I would be happy to create a custom Betty for you.

As a separate item all together I can also enlarge the pattern, making a larger Betty, with larger, people sized pieces for you littles out there to share with your Betty.

Along the same lines, I can also do matching sets for you and your Betty. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a matching set of restraints as your teddy bear?!

On the Restraints Side of Things:

I will also be working some new cuffs just for the littles out there.  I will be looking to get flannels and general quilting fabric with cute prints on them.  Like my brocade cuffs I will also be giving these Littles oriented cuffs leather strapping.  Unless you’d like vegan cuffs, which can also be done.